Forward Head Posture Correction in Kirkland

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Tips for forward head posture correction

We all live in a flexor dominate world.  This meaning most of our daily activities  ritually involve us in slouching positions and leaning forward.  How many hours do you personally spend sitting at a computer, sitting at a desk, slouching on your couch and sitting in your car?  This makes up the majority of a typical day for the average human, especially in Kirkland and Belleuve areas due to the over-abundance of tech jobs which require long hours sitting at a computer.

As a Kirkland Chiropractor, I am writing this article to address forward head posture and give suggestions to prevent further postural issues and teach people how to correct their forward head posture.

Forward head posture if often caused by a very common muscle imbalance known as upper crossed syndrome (UCS).  UCS is defined as weakening and lengthening of the upper-back and neck muscles, and also tightening and shortening of the anterior muscles in the neck and chest.  This is the most common muscle imbalance acquired from slouching at a desk or computer.  Our upper back and posterior shoulder muscles get weakened and the muscle fibers become elongated while our anterior muscles such as our chest and anterior deltoids get tightened and shortened.  This creates major muscle imbalance which causes one’s neck to be held anteriorly and their shoulders to round forward.  Over time, if forward head posture becomes advanced enough, the upper back will develop of hump or curve.  This postural imbalance is destructive to our spine, our intervertebral discs and our spinal cords.  As a Kirkland chiropractor and wellness coach, I work on fixing this dangerous and destructive condition constantly with my patients.

Remember being scolded by your mother or grandmother about slouching.  I think we all can relate.  They fact of the matter is, they were right for yelling at us about having poor posture.  Slouching and sitting at desks causes UCS which almost always leads to forward head posture.

As a Kirkland chiropractor, I spend my days helping others correct their forward head posture.  I also work directly with a personal trainer in Kirkland who helps my clients correct their UCS and forward head posture.  Her name is Sara Sargent and she can be reached at  Sara suggests doing a variety of pulling motions with bands and cables, as well as stretching the chest and front of shoulders.


Forward head posture explained

forward head posture correction in Kirkland, WA

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