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If you are looking for a totem lake chiropractor, look no further.  Dr. Ben is a back pain specialist and is nestled in the heart of totem lake, wa.  He is a chiropractor who using manual therapy and drop work for his gentle chiropractic procedures.  If you have been living with back pain and joint stiffness over the years you owe it to yourself to check out Dr. Baker at PrimeSpine, the gentle Totem Lake Chiropractor.

If you would like a free consultation please call the friendly staff today.  We love to assess everyones’ spine to make sure they are not suffering from misalignment or back pain.  Near Fred Meyer is where this Totem Lake Chiropractor chooses to practice.  His location is conveniently nestled a block off of 405 and in the same parking lot as Fred Meyer.  If you have been looking to improve your fitness, decrease your back pain or function better, don’t hesitate to call Dr. Ben, the gentle Totem Lake Chiropractor.

Back pain is a burden that many people get used to dealing with and try to tune it out instead of dealing with the cause of their back pain.  Please get a free consultation from Dr. Ben, the gentle Totem Lake Chiropractor to see how he can help you relieve your back pain and improve your quality of life.  At PrimeSpine we are very big on education.  We pride ourselves as being the Totem Lake Chiropractor with the smartest and most informed patients.  Health starts with the patient and the more they understand their condition and ways to stay healthy the quicker their healing can be and the less they will experience back pain.

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