Why is back pain so common?

Back Pain

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Back pain is something that plagues most Americans at some point in their lives.   Many people live in constant discomfort and eventually become numb to the pain through medication or simply block the pain from their conscious thoughts.  This is a terrible way to live.  As a back pain expert I work with people on a daily basis to alleviate their back pain and improve their posture.

It shocks me how many people consider it “normal” to have back pain on a daily basis.  The big question one must ask is, “why is back pain so common”?  With the technological advances  we have seen in the past 10 years we as a society are sitting at computers, leaning forward playing with our iphones and slouching while using most forms of media more than ever before in recorded history.  It is becoming routine for me to see x-rays of individuals with reversed curves in their cervical spine.  Back pain is an inevitable result from having chronic poor posture.

What can be done?  There are many stretches that can help one alleviate some back pain and muscle spasms.   Often this is a quick fix and doesn’t get to the source of the real problem.  As a kirkland chiropractor I focus on correcting spinal misalignments that are the source of poor posture.   Once the spinal joints are properly aligned it is easy for the body to return to it’s proper homeostasis and allow the joints to move in all planes of motion freely and entirely without restrictions.  The back pain naturally goes away once the posture and motion is corrected.  Take it from me, a kirkland chiropractor and back pain expert, don’t wait if you are in pain, take action to correct your problems!


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