Welcome to 2011, the year of unlimited energy and health!

Ok, so maybe I made the 2011 tagline up but why can’t I?  Each year we are faced with hopes of better health, more energy and renewed traditions of healthy habits.  I know many people despise new years resolutions because they “never get fulfilled” or they “are too trendy and insignificant”.  These are fair arguments but my question to pose is this; What about renewing your health commitments to yourself.

It’s like a golfer who’s on the 7th hole and can’t wait to start the back nine.  A new round is a fresh start.   I am no fan of crash diets, actually any diets for that matter, but I do recognize the power of renewing your goals.  Focusing on what you hold valuable to yourself is essential in achieving your goals.  This year I am excited to get back on track with exercising regularly, eating healthier and getting more of a regular sleep cycle going.  I’m excited to start the back nine this year.  I’m not on a liquid diet or running 20 miles tonight, I’m just focusing on the things I find valuable to myself.  It’s not overwhelming, it’s calming.  It’s inspiring.

The simple mantra “eat well, think well, move well and sleep well” is my 2011 mission.  If I can do the basics my health will flourish.  As a chiropractor in Kirkland I am asked health questions daily and I am the center for advice for many people.  This year I plan to listen to my own advice and be the simple but healthy person I know how to be.

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