Running injury in Kirkland?

Running Injury

Yesterday I was running a 5k with my wife when she suffered a running injury.  It was a bit slick outside and she was running with her dog.   She was pulled to the ground by the over-achieving golden retriever puppy she was running with.  Ankle sprain followed immediately as she cartwheeled across the sidewalk and into a bush.  Ouch, many of us have been in a situation like this before.

As a Kirkland chiropractor I treat love to work with athletes who suffer a running injury.  The most important thing I can for people with a fresh running injury is this, immediately get off the ankle, ice, rest, use biofreeze (an all natural pain reliever) and repeat.  After a few hours it is time to start stretching and immediately get the ankle joint checked for alignment.  It is imperative to have the ideal joint articulations between the talus and the fibula as it begins to regain it’s stability.  Staying hydrated is also key to a healthy and speedy recovery.

As a runner and sports enthusiast I know slips and twists are bound to happen and that’s not a problem.  As a chiropractor in Kirkland, WA, I am here to help you get through any running injury before they become a chronic issue.  Restoring proper biomechanics early is the key to a healthy recovery from a running injury.

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