Is Chiropractic Scientific?


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Is chiropractic treatment scientific?  As a Kirkland chiropractic I get asked this question regularly.   The profession of chiropractic has joined the majority of other health care disciplines and is actively conducting studies and further advance our understanding about the practice of chiropractic.

As with pharmacological studies, it’s very difficult to determine with 100% certainty what directly affected something within a human, mainly due to the extreme complexity of our physiology.  The  use of randomized control trials with double blind placebos is the gold bar standard.

One can expect more breakthough’s to come in the near future regarding human health care and specifically involving chiro care.  You can read my full published article regarding this subject if you click the link below.

In all honesty, the practice of chiropractic has been ridiculed over the years for lack of evidence.  This is no reason to stay away from it.  Many treatments in the medical world lack sufficient evidence and they are still utilized regularly.  As a chiropractor in Kirkland I can assure you there is a ton of evidence behind what I do on a day to day basis.

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