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Runners a health fanatics, we have many kirkland running fanatics.  They often have a passion for health and aim to improve their bodies daily. As a chiropractor in kirkland I treat many weekend warriors.  I see many people with avoidable foot injuries that occur from having improper foot and arch support.  As a chiropractor and marathon running fanatic I must stress the importance of properly supporting your feet.  They are the base of our kinetic chain and are an essential piece of our back health.

Every time a runner takes a step they have the chance to cause their foot to briefly flatten upon impact.   Especially in our area, Kirkland running can be dangerous with all the elevation in the area.  This is a widely known problem that runners have been dealing with for years.  Orthotics are a popular solution to protecting the foot from dangerously deforming during runs.  There are a few drawbacks to orthotics I would like to discuss.

1) the price is astronomical

2) they don’t support the feet during both static and dynamic movement

As your kirkland chiropractor and expert runner I would recommend your refer to the article I have published below to learn more about how you can protect yourself and your feet!

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Kirkland running is gorgeous, the views are breathtaking along the water. Running from Kirkland to Bellevue to one of my favorite places to experience kirkland running.  If you are a runner who would like to take your foot comfort and performance to the next level, you need to meet Dr. Ben, a Kirkland Chiropractor who specializes in treatment runners.  Please visit PrimeSpine today to take your Kirkland Running to the next level!



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