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Have you ever seen a person with a large hump in their back, it’s interesting to consider if they would have ended up that way had they received proper chiropractic treatment?  We have all seen this, it’s a heartbreaking site.  Maybe in the mall you’ve seen people like this.  I need to educate the public as to what is going on and why their back’s are so curved.   As a chiropractor in kirkland I need to help prevent this from happening to more people.  Many people think that if their grandparents have one of those awful back problems they are next.  It is a commonly held belief that back issues are genetic.

I am writing this article to disagree with this common belief.  Sure there are some genetic anomalies which will predispose one to being more prone to back pain but the vast majority of people with poor spines and terrible posture come from lifestyle choices.  The number one reason people develop terrible posture is due to joint degeneration.  This occurs from excessive loads put on ones spine, poor nutrition, low bone density, spinal misalignments and poor joint mechanics.

Let’s start with poor nutrition and bone density deficiencies.  When one does not have the proper strength to their bones and surrounding tissues they are likely going to have bones become degenerated and develop spurs.  This is very dangerous to the spinal column.  It is also avoidable by eating a proper diet and being active.

Poor joint mechanics are cause by joint misalignment.  This is easily correctable but often does not get the attention it deserves.  A joint that is misaligned will wear and cause excessive degeneration on the surrounding vertebrae and discs.  This is a very serious problem because you can not fix spinal decay or replace vertebral discs.  A chiropractor can check you to see if you have any areas that are in need of realignment.  This advice can help the masses avoid having a hunch back and being sidelined during their golden years from destructive changes to the spine.

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Many of us have already experienced the benefits of chiropractic treatment and have seen our posture transform.  As a Kirkland chiropractor I am obsessed with giving my patients the perfect chiropractic treatment.

Kirkland Chiropractor Improves Posture With Chiropractic Treatment, join the movement in Kirkland today!

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