Back Pain

Back Pain

Joint misalignments are the leading cause for back pain.  Pain can occur anywhere in the spine as well as in the extremities. Subluxations can cause pain, loss of range of motion, degeneration and destruction of local tissues surrounding joint capsules affected by a subluxation, all of which are directly related to causing back pain.

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Did you know many people have disc bulges or disc herniations and aren’t aware of it? It’s usually during later stages of disc herniations when a person will actually feel pain and consciously be aware something is wrong. Actually, a study found that nearly half of adults had at least one bulging or herniated disc, even though they did not suffer any back pain from it. The reason most people feel their herniations are usually due to swelling around the discs which put pressure on the nerves which are in control of signaling pain to your consciousness in you brain.

Stress is the most common cause for an aching back. When a person is stressed out they will often have poor posture and likely hold themselves in a flexed position. This stressed out posture is destructive to the joints. It can be compared to being as damaging as sugar is to the teeth.  Don’t be a victim of back pain, do something about it.  PrimeSpine is excepting new patients daily, we are Kirkland’s chiropractor and back pain doctor.

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