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Located in Kirkland, Washington our chiropractic team provides the best chiropractic care. Dr. Benjamin Baker and the staff at PrimeSpine, Kirkland’s Chiropractic Center are committed to offering you better health, improved function and a better way of life.
If you happen to be in an auto accident, Dr. Baker is known throughout Kirkland, Redmond & Bellevue for specializing  in treating whiplash injuries.  We have the tools you need to get started on the road to recovery quickly and easily.
If we think you need to see someone else – we’ll tell you. That’s how we work.  It’s that simple.
Life is Motion – Keep Moving!At our Kirkland clinic we work with many runners.  If you are in need of sports chiropractic then you have found the right chirorpactic clinic in Kirkland.

We offer you same day appointments, walk-ins and even “just driving by” appointments.

If you prefer to schedule an appointment, you can call our clinic anytime to schedule a visit or feel free to email us.

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PRIMESPINE | 12305 120th ave ne suite a, Kirkland WA 98034
Phone 425|825|8750 Email DrBenBaker@gmail.com

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